Also labeled “the Road to the Sky”, “the Road to the Clouds”, “the Best Driving Road in the World” and even “A spectacular Monument to Earth-Moving Megalomania” the TransFagarasan climbs, twists and descends right through Moldoveanu and Negoiu – the highest peaks in Fagaras Mountains and in Romania. This is no pass through a gap but a frontal assault, a stark and spectacular reminder of unchecked power stamping itself on an obstreperous landscape.

Also known as the “Transylvanian Alps”, the Fagaras Mountains are rich in unique wildlife and scenic hiking and biking trails.


  • CP07
  • 85 km
  • elevation + 2523 m
  • elevation – 2394 m

Built for military purposes at the initiative of Romania’s last communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu, this dynamite-forged road connects two of Romania’s historic provinces Transylvania (the Center) and Walachia (the South) through a series of five tunnels, 27 viaducts and 831 small bridges.

The Transfagarasan was engineered to be accessible to heavy military vehicles and the gradient is never too steep, hence the many hairpin bends or switchbacks. Although it is the best-known scenic drive in Romania, because there are faster roadways that connect southern and central Romania, the Transfagarasan is still relatively unperturbed by the motoring masses.


Published by Carpathian Arch Race

New adventure for Europe! “Carpathian Arch Race” named #CAR it is an adventure bike race starting from the city of Bratislava in Slovakia, following the Carpathian Mountains thru Ukraine, entering in Romania, crossing the greatest passes and finishing in Cluj – Napoca, Romania. 2,500 km, with 10 fixed checking segments.

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